Our patients at Orthopaedic Specialists and Sports Medicine have benefitted from arthroscopic, reconstructive and/or replacement surgeries including hand surgery, elbow surgery, shoulder surgery, foot surgery, knee surgery and hip surgery.  We also treat (repair and surgery) athletic injuries, including those of the muscles and ligaments.

We have 26 staff members, more than half have been with us for more than 5 years providing the experience and expertise in orthopaedics, to make your visit with us as efficient and beneficial as possible.

Our nursing staff assists the physicians in surgery and during your post-op care, as well as help follow your outpatient care in the office.  They are available to answer any medical questions you may have.

Our clinical staff members assist the physicians in the office with injections, x-rays, casting and experienced fittings of orthotic devices and supplies.

We have staff available to assist you with our registration process, help in completing forms, and can answer most of your insurance questions regarding your visit.  We have a referral specialist who obtains any necessary referral or prior authorization necessary.  We also have a Worker’s Compensation specialist, who can assist you with your BWC claim process.

Our orthopaedic team consists of your surgeon / physician, nurses, occupational and physical therapist and orthotist.  Our nursing staff and physicians follow through on the care of all our patients.  We welcome questions that allow us to help you. 

Some of the surgical procedures from which our patients have benefited include:

  • arthroscopic knee and shoulder surgery
  • reconstructive joint surgery
  • knee, hip, shoulder and elbow replacement
  • carpal tunnel surgery
  • hand and foot surgery
  • other procedures for athletic injuries or accidents

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